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A time of changes (Panther science fiction)

A time of changes (Panther science fiction) - Robert Silverberg Really cool concept - a society where self-denial and repression are so crucial that not only can you not talk about your feelings or yourself, it's considered obscene even to use the pronouns "I" and "me." The execution is disappointing though; mostly the characters talk about themselves plenty, but using words like "one" or "this one" instead of "I." They don't come across as a different culture so much as the same culture with very slightly different grammar (along with some oddly stilted speech patterns, given that the book seems to be set in the future). It's not terrible, but it's pretty forgettable.There's also this really weird thing happening in this book, where the author spends a whole bunch of time reminding you that sometimes people can be talking about themselves without actually saying "I am the person we are discussing here"... and then goes on to devote a LOT of scenes to his character suffering invariable premature ejaculation. (Like, a WHOLE lot.) And then reassuring the reader that you can still be a superhot stud even when you do have that problem, because, as he repeatedly explains, his character is really sexy and women totally want him. If he was trying to get me to identify with his characters by making me feel skeeved out about oversharing, mission DEFINITELY accomplished.