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Leave It to Psmith

Leave It to Psmith - P.G. Wodehouse This book is a great introduction to Wodehouse; if you don't know where to start with the short stories or the vast array of Jeeves novels, this book is an easy place to begin. The book has the effortless humor and fast pacing Wodehouse is known for, and the plot is a typical Wodehouse affair, with plenty of attempted theft, false identities, and courtships successful and unsuccessful. But Psmith, the main character, is not a bit like the nearly interchangeable Drones Club members and associated wealthy relatives; he's endlessly articulate (endlessly - he dominates every conversation he's a part of, as well he should, since his speeches are hilarious) and floats into and out of increasingly strange adventures completely unperturbed, without even any apparent effort or intent. He's like a con artist without the cynicism, charming his fellow characters and the reader into forgiving any slight moral lapse he might (completely understandably) have experienced. Definitely a unique character, and both Psmith's style and Wodehouse's make this worth reading.